Nice range – good job!

Nice range – good job! Objective to restructure product ranges and tariffs for an entertainment offering. Why When asked to evaluate tariffs and product ranges, market research respondents are initially far too preoccupied with making sense of what they see. Minor problems with understanding quickly lead to frustration. And this hampers appreciation of the ‘big […]

The jackpot on the pack

The jackpot on the pack Objective to generate new ideas for competitions, pack coupons and interactive campaigns for younger people. Why A quantitative preliminary study by september revealed that younger target groups favour palpable financial benefits such as discounts and give-aways when it comes to on-pack promotions. They’re far less receptive to  the more ‘game-like’ […]

Progressing from tradition: how a brand reinvents itself

Progressing from tradition: how a brand reinvents itself Objective to reposition and rebrand an established confectionery manufacturer, and carry out a packaging design test. Why Our client’s confectionery brand has been in existence since the beginning of the 20th century. At the start of  our joint project, the brand was starting to show signs of […]

Chinese-German co-operation – big time

Chinese-German co-operation – big time Objective to identify a design platform for a new product range in 4 countries. Why A Chinese supplier of electrical household appliances asked september to conduct design research for a Europe-wide launch of new large white goods. They were also seeking insights into the public perception of the large white […]

The cloud from the inside

The cloud from the inside Objective to find insights that facilitate and promote the marketing of cloud offerings to small and medium-sized businesses. Why Surveys on the barriers to and drivers of using the cloud in small and medium-sized businesses always lead to the same abstract answers, mostly focusing on security or costs. What our […]

Vanity fair

Vanity fair Objective to create a knowledge base from which to develop a new in-house service for a national fitness chain. Why At first, the idea of  establishing a brand new area for the fitness trainers to develop their skills seemed to slot smoothly into the concept of a premium fitness chain. However, it turned […]

Bringing together what belongs together

Bringing together what belongs together Objective to generate insights into how to fuse two staff recruitment brands under the umbrella of the market leader. Why Integrating newly acquired companies into the master brand  is a tricky business, especially since it involves the merging of learned corporate cultures. This assignment called for a sensitive and discreet […]

Augmented reality: discovering Boston with the ‘third eye’.

Augmented reality: discovering Boston with the ‘third eye’. Objective to evaluate an innovative map app with augmented reality features Why The beta version of an innovative map app (which projects local destinations such as restaurants and tourist attractions onto the device’s camera screen) needed testing for usability and attractiveness prior to the international launch in […]

Research beacons for innovations at floor level

Research beacons for innovations at floor level Objective to identify ‘beacon’ concepts for household cleaning of the future How In ethnographic home visits lasting several hours, participants were asked to show us how they cleaned their home.  In the subsequent joint workshops with the client, we gradually drafted overarching future concepts based on the driving […]