Implicit emotion research

Deciphering the invisible language of our bodies

Emotions simultaneously influence blood pressure, make us sweat and (almost imperceptibly) alter our facial expressions, along with many other physiological processes. They bring about typical reaction patterns. To really understand the body language of emotions, one has to recognise and decipher its specific patterns. We use mobile bio recorders to measure up to 20 different psychophysiological responses in parallel, and apply multivariate statistical procedures for identifying patterns.

Drawing on years of scientific research, we identify the emotional performance of your brand, your communication, or selected one-off measures based on seven key performance indicators (KPIs): trust, liking, attraction, closeness, relevance, scepticism and stress. We are then left with objective results that can be put to direct use in companies and agencies.

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Depth-psychological interviews

Overcoming inner conflicts and creating psychological added value

Our depth-psychological analyses decipher the psychological story behind the measurable emotional responses. They aim to bring consumers’ typical inner conflicts to the surface. We can tell how well the brand or marketing communications manage to bridge the differences between our instinctual, fast-paced core – the ME – and our outer, socialised and slower-paced user interface – the I.

In this way the depth-psychological analysis provides us with a substantial understanding of inner consumer conflicts and stories. Advertisers can then utilise people’s typical strategies for overcoming conflicts to develop problem-solving corridors without compromising their creativity. Our method can enrich the creation of TV commercials ex post facto or in the briefing phase.

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heart.facts demonstrates the emotional performance of your TV commercial. From getting started to branding. From storyboard to post-testing.


heart.facts verifies how your brand stirs the heart of your customers. And how the advertising plays its part. With 7 KPIs, from attraction to trust.


heart.facts shows you which ideas are contagious on the web, and analyses people’s unconscious motives for sharing and liking.


heart.facts measures the emotions that your ads trigger in consumers, and which designs work best.


heart.facts analyses how you can improve the emotional penetration of your mailings. A systematic approach instead of trial and error.


heart.facts allows accurate measurement of how sponsoring affects brand emotions.


Emotions don’t consult manuals. heart.facts provides usability testers with objective access to the unconscious.

Product sensors

Which fragrance really does smell ‘as fresh as summer’? heart.facts lends transparency to the psychophysiological responses of consumers and sheds light on their implicit preferences.


How does our subconscious respond to the term ‘dry cough’? heart.facts uncovers the emotional impact of a name on our emotions.


Testimonials feed our subconscious with more messages than do logos or texts. heart.facts measures and compares the emotional impact of different testimonials, and analyses their consequences for your brand.


1.35 euros for a cup of coffee - what might feel “too expensive” at Tchibo is “too cheap” at Starbucks ". heart.facts establishes the intuitive price sensitivity of your customers.


A pack can steer the hand of the shopper. heart.facts deciphers the emotional impact of your packaging.