The jackpot on the pack


to generate new ideas for competitions, pack coupons and interactive campaigns for younger people.


A quantitative preliminary study by september revealed that younger target groups favour palpable financial benefits such as discounts and give-aways when it comes to on-pack promotions. They’re far less receptive to  the more ‘game-like’ competitions, coupon collecting and interactive campaigns. september was tasked with finding insights that make these promotions more attractive to younger people.


We deployed our innovative co-creation tool ‘n-tables’. This involved grouping people around 3 to 4 tables in a large room, with 4 creative consumers, one client representative and one of our moderators to each group. The tables or groups were each given a task, the solutions to which were subsequently presented to the participants of all groups (creating a certain degree of competitiveness). Since each table was occupied by a different age category, the solutions were somewhat geared towards specific target groups.


Co-creation led to the generation of unique action ideas capable of appealing emotionally to the younger target groups and getting them interested in on-pack promotions. What is more, the numerous insights resulted in an inspiring set of guidelines for developing future promotions in these target groups.