Tool: The Lion’s Cage

Tool: The Lion’s Cage Objective to see one’s own brand through the eyes of its customers. Why The target group is the best source for pinpointing the crucial USP and discovering which RTBs really do win people over. But how can we get consumers to slip into the role of marketing professionals? The best way […]

Psyche over tongue: indications of quality in coffee

Psyche over tongue: indications of quality in coffee Objective to identify factors that driver the perception of quality in coffee How Over 20 possible ‘quality triggers’ were generated in a multi-stage process involving in-depths and focus groups with end customers and trendsetters (online food bloggers): from the origin of the bean, to roasting and packaging, […]

A ‘rigorous’ segmentation

A ‘rigorous’ segmentation Tell me how you do your cleaning… Why Our client asked september to undertake behaviour-oriented segmentation with a view to optimising marketing and product. How  september used a qualitative-quantitative approach to identify various ‘cleaning type’ segments. The interesting thing about the quantitative segmentation was its deployment of bipolar behaviour-rating scales prepared with […]

Old wine in new people

Old wine in new people Objective to find insights into how to whet the appetite of younger consumers for wine. How In a multi-stage process comprised of focus groups, accompanied shopping trips, and tests of visuals and packaging, we analysed how the target group perceives the world of wine, and identified existing obstacles as well […]

The story told by posters

The story told by posters Objective to find objective evidence of the advertising impact of a poster and evaluate design variants. How heart.facts emotion measurement was used to gauge the unconscious emotional reactions of respondents in three phases of perception: spontaneous/short/long. In the course of subsequent in-depth interviews we then went on to examine the […]

From eye tracking to mind tracking

From eye tracking to mind tracking Objective to test and optimise the use of a website on different end devices Why A company in the food industry wanted to try different approaches to usability research. After all, it isn’t just a user’s outward behaviour that indicates what they think about using the website; their inner […]

Caught up in cable clutter

Caught up in cable clutter Objective to develop a simple and intuitive set of instructions for installing a router Why People find instruction manuals disconcerting. The directions lead them into a world of complexity, which is the last place they want to be. The customer focus is on using a product, not on how to […]

Kids just wanna have fun

Kids just wanna have fun Objective to understand the children’s worlds of today for the launch of a new hot chocolate drink Why A renowned soft drinks manufacturer commissioned september with research into the expectations that parents and children place in typical kids’ products. These insights were to ensure a packaging design capable of attracting […]

On an equal footing with demigods

On an equal footing with demigods Objective to identify market openings for a new surgical product for doctors. Why A medical hardware supplier commissioned september to survey doctors with the aim of identifying any drivers and barriers within the target group prior to launching the product. How september carried out separate focus groups with patients […]

Men and women in traffic

Men and women in traffic Objective to explore gender differences when it comes to sharing means of transport Why A provider of  ‘shared transport services’ asked september to find out whether the genders differed in their acceptance and usage of the company’s international sharing offerings. How In single-sex focus groups and in-depths across various countries, […]