The moment when a complex moment suddenly becomes simple and tangible is what adds value to our market research. We aren’t satisfied until the hidden truth has been found and the overall picture makes sense. We translate complexity into stories that – besides imparting knowledge – inspire and even entertain.

The human mindset is made up of  'Me' and 'I', the two mental entities that determine consumers’ purchase decisions,  how they see brands and how advertising affects them. The conflicts between 'Me' and 'I' give us the insights we need to tell the story and come up with solutions.

Judge september by the demands we make on ourselves and feel free to set us a challenge.

Our clients

Who we are

Based in Cologne

Founded in 2008

Depth psychology & emotion research

A qualitative-quantitive approach

(Inter-)national expertise

Our clients: market leaders

Our vision

Stories are the oldest form of information organization.
Only when products, brands or packaging tell the consumer a story are they experienced as meaningful, uniform and memorable. september supports its customers with stories.

On the one hand, by making the story behind consumer feedback visible. On the other hand, by writing our presentations as a story that is easy to remember and exciting from the first to the last slide.

Satisfaction and inspiration are the most important goals that september pursues with passion for its customers. september project managers see themselves as researching consultants, not the other way around. september is a sparring partner and provides strategic advice before, during and after projects in order to increase the overall added value for the customer.

How we think

We like contradictions. No story without suspense. No drama without dilemma. No communication without conflict. september does not believe in meeting one-dimensional needs as a basis for successful marketing. We assume that consumers in each category want to solve tensions and conflicts between two or more motives.

Without insights, marketing is like flying blind. Our psychodynamic conflict model "Me & I" allows a structured understanding of people, markets and brands. A consumer insight is a relevant conflict that strives for treatment. Only brands and products that have attractive answers to relevant conflicts are able to assert themselves in the long run.