Implicit Quick Dive® -

research, where you would usually rely on gut feeling.

The typical case: an agency creates two versions of a radio spot, poster or commercial. Both please at first glance. But a decision has to be made - and in the best case ideas for optimizations as well. Quickly, please - the next meeting is tomorrow.

Concrete examples?
radio spot, poster and commercial.

Example project radio spot

recording of the emotional experience live
while the participant listens to the radio spot

» calculating the 'emotional KPI' and classification in existent benchmarks
» Importance - how important are the things heard
» Liking - how much sympathy does the radio spot trigger
» Effort - how much effort the participant needs to understand the spot
» in-depth interviews in connection to the recording show what parts are remembered, where there a hitches and which psychological motives influence the emotional performance

Exemplary KPI.

Example project poster

implicit awareness of the poster or the advert
step by step in three awareness stages

» inactive motion is not taken in as a whole, print has dramaturgy
» the Implicit Quick Dive® records the emotional reaction within the passage of time and divides it in three stages

1. First impression Intuition and codes that catch our sight
» relevance needs to grow here
2. Second look the attempt to understand the advert
» stress needs to be dismantled here
3. Interpretation the (frequently missunderstood) whole message
» sympathy needs to kick in here

Exemplary KPI. Compatible with eye tracking.

Example project commercial

emotional dramaturgy of the spot or trailer -
scene after scene in a live recording

» moving image combines it all - music, narrator, sound, images, story, and so on
» the IQD® records the participants' subconscious reaction to every detail - the interviews clarify, which parts take the most responsibility to the reaction in a whole and if switch in testimonials or a story twist could enhance the performance

» also for storyboards and animatics
» Optional - native screen testing: recording the impact of the used screen (eX TV vs tablet) on the performance of the spot or advert / trailers
Exemplary KPI. Compatible with eye tracking.

Decision- & optimization suggestions

Using as a pre test - head-to-head comparison of two advertising mediums

Small differences can have a huge impact on the overall emotional effect. Implicit Quick Dive® helps record and understand this impact quickly and reliably. Having a "pretty research" is not the goal - but rather a concrete guidance for management and marketing.

Our goals:

Electing the most effective motive/spot
as well as comparing it with individual benchmarks.

Understanding the most important code
and a visual depiction in the final report.

concrete and hands-on optimization suggestions
for an increased emotional performance.

What is emotion research in IQD®?

Emotion research

Understanding the invisible body language. The implicit emotion research captures and recognizes patterns from over 20 psychophysiological data streams. Micro expressions are an indicator for the reactions valence.

In-depth psychology

The in-depth psychological short-interviews get to the bottom of goals, motives and aspirations that are brought up by the emotional record. The psychological story of the advert originates here as context for the recorded data and the optimized codes.

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