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Schanzenstraße 36
51063 Cologne


The best way to reach september by car is via the A3. The next exit is Köln-Mülheim on the right side of the Rhine. From there, take Bergisch Gladbacher Straße to the Schanzenstraße industrial estate.

The easiest way to reach september by train is via the Von-Sparr-Straße train station. From the main station, lines 18 (direction Bucheim-Herler-Straße) and line 13 (direction Holweide) run to Wiener Platz. From there, line 4 (direction Schlebusch) takes you to Von-Sparr-Straße in two stations. From the station Bf. Deutz/Messe you can directly take the line 4 (direction Schlebusch) to the Von-Sparr-Straße. Directions for the area can be found here.