Psyche over tongue: indications of quality in coffee


to identify factors that driver the perception of quality in coffee


Over 20 possible 'quality triggers' were generated in a multi-stage process involving in-depths and focus groups with end customers and trendsetters (online food bloggers): from the origin of the bean, to roasting and packaging, right down to the cultural rituals associated with drinking coffee. Emotion research was then conducted to prove which of the many possible options really do have an emotional effect and are credible for the brand.


When consumers rate the quality of a coffee brand more highly in a blind test than with prior knowledge of the brand, it's clear that the communication side needs tweaking. Apparently, it isn't enough just to offer a good coffee. Which is why our client wondered: What drives the perception of quality?


The insights from the emotion research gave our client a basis on which to design a new quality concept, including the development of a new TV and out-of-home campaign, which was in turn again evaluated using heart.facts emotion research.