Tool: The Lion’s Cage


to see one’s own brand through the eyes of its customers.


The target group is the best source for pinpointing the crucial USP and discovering which RTBs really do win people over. But how can we get consumers to slip into the role of marketing professionals? The best way is to play a game: Lion's Cage is an unconventional method with which to tease out pertinent arguments for a new product from your target group: via a competition.


Consumers with creative potential come together with product managers. The participants are split into several groups and given prototypes of new products, for which they are then asked to find suitable arguments and supporting evidence  for a commercial under time pressure. After the workshop, the Lions (representatives of the client) take their places on the jury to decide who’s come out on top to win the main prize.


Selectivity, inspiring templates for marketing, and a product management team who identify 100% with the results.