The story told by posters


to find objective evidence of the advertising impact of a poster and evaluate design variants.


heart.facts emotion measurement was used to gauge the unconscious emotional reactions of respondents in three phases of perception: spontaneous/short/long. In the course of subsequent in-depth interviews we then went on to examine the intrinsic dramaturgy of the advertising effect.


A typical case: the agency drafts three versions of a poster – but which one works best? A major coffee producer asked us to compare the emotional impact of the different designs and offer a psychological explanation.


People think in stories – and it's no different when they look at an advertising poster where they look for a story or create one of their own to explain what they see.  The poster test showed many of the design elements to be ambiguous and likely to spark false expectations in the product. With the results from heart.facts emotion measurement, the client was equipped with very specific pointers on how to optimise the poster design.