Tool: The Lion’s Cage

Tool: The Lion’s Cage Objective to see one’s own brand through the eyes of its customers. Why The target group is the best source for pinpointing the crucial USP and discovering which RTBs really do win people over. But how can we get consumers to slip into the role of marketing professionals? The best way […]

Psyche over tongue: indications of quality in coffee

Psyche over tongue: indications of quality in coffee Objective to identify factors that driver the perception of quality in coffee How Over 20 possible ‘quality triggers’ were generated in a multi-stage process involving in-depths and focus groups with end customers and trendsetters (online food bloggers): from the origin of the bean, to roasting and packaging, […]

On an equal footing with demigods

On an equal footing with demigods Objective to identify market openings for a new surgical product for doctors. Why A medical hardware supplier commissioned september to survey doctors with the aim of identifying any drivers and barriers within the target group prior to launching the product. How september carried out separate focus groups with patients […]

Chinese-German co-operation – big time

Chinese-German co-operation – big time Objective to identify a design platform for a new product range in 4 countries. Why A Chinese supplier of electrical household appliances asked september to conduct design research for a Europe-wide launch of new large white goods. They were also seeking insights into the public perception of the large white […]

The tariff of the future

The tariff of the future Objective to design innovative communication tariffs Why Our communications client required insights to design alternative communication tariffs for the future. Tariff-based research is challenging enough, but tariffs for the future call for a special approach. How The multi-stage, funnel-shaped process leads us from co-creation workshops (‘n-tables’) with extremely progressive ‘objective’ […]