It’s a kids‘ world


to generate insights into the best way for children’s and family brands to address their target group on TV.


We use a variety of methods to identify the daily conflicts lurking behind the façades of a supposedly intact family world. The ‘FBI’ method involves parallel interviewing of mother and child – this way we obtain two authentic angles on the same family and their conflicts. We get the test persons to depict the make-up of the family with the help of Schleich® animals; we can tell a lot about family relations and the test person’s role in the family from their choice of animals and the way the mums and kids assemble them in a family group.


TV advertising for children’s and family products is faced with the challenge of appealing emotionally to both kids and the gatekeepers (mums and dads).


Parents find themselves caught in the 'Bermuda triangle of child-raising' consisting of control (fear of loss), ambition (highest quality expectations), and parental ego (time to oneself). Parents make demands on their children requiring more than they're prepared to invest in bringing up their offspring. The conflicts arising from this 'convenient parenting' provide the basis for successfully addressing both parents and children. This starting point makes it possible to position brands as conflict resolvers, and to select appropriate benefits and RTBs to design advertising media that get consumers on board by appealing to their psychological needs.