Depth psychology: we welcome contradictions


We want to drill down to the simple truths deep within people’s psyche, as these help us to explain consumer’s outward behaviour.


Our behaviour is the result of an inner dialogue between our instinctive core, ‘Me’ and our outer, socialised shell ‘I’. The two entities ‘Me’ and ‘I’ describe the two hearts beating within us, which are virtually always in conflict with one another. This is also true for our decisions as consumers, where we are always seeking balance and calm.


Based on the psychodynamic ‘Me & I’ conflict model, we establish a structured understanding of  people, markets and brands. Only those brands and products which can provide attractive answers to relevant conflicts can win through in the long run. 


Our consumer insights describe a relevant mental conflict which is crying out for treatment. We frame these in insights in the form of stories as the most natural way of understanding the world and learning new things.

  • No story without drama.
  • No drama without tension.
  • No tension without conflict.
  • No added value without conflict resolution.