Implicit Quick Dive®

Ziel: die unsichtbaren emotionalen Reaktionen auf Marken und Werbemittel präzise messen; Unternehmen und Agenturen praktisch verwertbare Resultate liefern.Why: Alle unsere Entscheidungen werden durch schnelle, unbewusste Emotionen beeinflusst und vorbereitet. Marken, Werbemittel und Verpackungen sind also nur dann erfolgreich, wenn sie beim Konsumenten positive emotionale Wirkung erzielen. Mit der heart.facts Emotionsforschung ist es möglich, diese Effekte […]

From eye tracking to mind tracking

From eye tracking to mind tracking Objective to test and optimise the use of a website on different end devices Why A company in the food industry wanted to try different approaches to usability research. After all, it isn’t just a user’s outward behaviour that indicates what they think about using the website; their inner […]

Caught up in cable clutter

Caught up in cable clutter Objective to develop a simple and intuitive set of instructions for installing a router Why People find instruction manuals disconcerting. The directions lead them into a world of complexity, which is the last place they want to be. The customer focus is on using a product, not on how to […]

Augmented reality: discovering Boston with the ‘third eye’.

Augmented reality: discovering Boston with the ‘third eye’. Objective to evaluate an innovative map app with augmented reality features Why The beta version of an innovative map app (which projects local destinations such as restaurants and tourist attractions onto the device’s camera screen) needed testing for usability and attractiveness prior to the international launch in […]