TV commercial – gorilla felled by a dress

TV commercial – gorilla felled by a dress Objective to analyse the advertising effect of a TV commercial and provide recommendations for the creative process. Why A commercial being run by a mail-order fashion retailer had come under fire in consumer surveys for its clichéd image of women. A thorough check of the commercial was […]

heart.facts emotion research – closer to the unconscious than any other method

Ziel: die unsichtbaren emotionalen Reaktionen auf Marken und Werbemittel präzise messen; Unternehmen und Agenturen praktisch verwertbare Resultate liefern.Why: Alle unsere Entscheidungen werden durch schnelle, unbewusste Emotionen beeinflusst und vorbereitet. Marken, Werbemittel und Verpackungen sind also nur dann erfolgreich, wenn sie beim Konsumenten positive emotionale Wirkung erzielen. Mit der heart.facts Emotionsforschung ist es möglich, diese Effekte […]

Tool: Brand TAT

Tool: Brand TAT Why Customary projective brand evaluations try to project brand attributes onto people, lifeworlds, or even animals. However, if the report only offers up descriptive personality traits such as “Brand X is 30 years old, a manager, someone who enjoys holidaying on Hawaii”, then the projective technique quickly becomes reduced to a decorative […]

The jackpot on the pack

The jackpot on the pack Objective to generate new ideas for competitions, pack coupons and interactive campaigns for younger people. Why A quantitative preliminary study by september revealed that younger target groups favour palpable financial benefits such as discounts and give-aways when it comes to on-pack promotions. They’re far less receptive to  the more ‘game-like’ […]

Vanity fair

Vanity fair Objective to create a knowledge base from which to develop a new in-house service for a national fitness chain. Why At first, the idea of  establishing a brand new area for the fitness trainers to develop their skills seemed to slot smoothly into the concept of a premium fitness chain. However, it turned […]