The power of small data


The things that people say in a survey or the way they behave in a test studio often don’t equate to how they really think and behave. It takes a deeper dive into the consumer’s world to know what really makes them tick.


Our clients receive insights into the experiential world of their customers which in artificial interview situations would remain hidden or impossible to express verbally. Safari Workshops provide an entertaining opportunity for us to impart all relevant facets of the target groups.


In ethnographic interviews we accompany the test persons in ‘real life’: we visit them at home and gain first-hand experience of their household, home furnishing and home styling. Ethnographic interviews are also conducted in the workplace, at hobby locations, etc. – in fact anywhere the test persons live their lives. The focus is often on details (‘small data’) that say more about the test persons than any number of statements. During these sessions/safaris, we’re careful to select the right individuals, as there’s nothing more important for a spontaneous, authentic experience than conscientious preparation on our part.